Saturday, 6 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Gong Xi Fa Cai from J3 Tawau Car Rental

Two more days to go before we celebrate the Chinese New Year celebrations. Happy Chinese New Year 2016 from us at J3 Tawau Car Rental. As Malaysians we are very proud to celebrate various festivals in Malaysia. Our society is diverse and multi-ethnic, enable us all to celebrate various festive celebrations throughout the year.

For the record, the Chinese New Year celebration in Tawau this year is awesome. Since January the aura of Chinese New Year celebration is already felt in Tawau. Earlier this year, there was lion dance competition at the Tawau Community Hall. Besides lion dance competition, the Chinese New Year festival has also taken place in Tawau. To be precise, at Padang Bandaran Tawau. At night you can see the Padang Bandaran is bathed in glowing lantern lights. For us at J3 Tawau Car Rental, this Chinese New year we can see the massive support to our car rental service . All our vehicles are fully booked during the Chinese New Year holiday. It felt good. Many thanks to those who support us.

To all our friends, family members and all of our customers who celebrate the Chinese New Year, on this occasion we would like to wish you "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and hopefully the year of fire monkey year will bring you good health, prosperity and wealth. Sincerely, J3 Tawau Car Rental ;)

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

4 reasons why driving in Tawau is no fun at all

Road in Sabah

Watch out! Here are 4 reasons why driving in Tawau is no fun at all. For the first timers in Tawau, read carefully. For those who have been to Tawau before, please read the info so that you will always remember and to residents of Tawau, please read so that we can do something to minimize these things from happening. So what are the 4 reasons that can cause you to be very upset when driving in Tawau?

1. Bad road condition (poor quality)
For the record, roads in Tawau is not "pretty" like roads in Peninsular Malaysia. Example can be seen in the picture above. It is quite bad and has low quality. The road in the above example can still be counted as quite ok actually. FYI, most of the roads in Tawau are in poor condition. Potholes here and there, uneven and dangerous to road users especially motorcyclists. If you are driving in Tawau, please be advised to drive slowly because your probability of hitting a hole in the middle of the road or on the sidewalk is very high. Your car will be damage, you will bent your rims and you will not be very happy after that.

2. The attitude of public bus drivers who do not follow the rules
Most people in Tawau rely on public transportation such as bus or mini bus to go to work or go to the town. But sadly, the bus drivers sometimes drive without the regard to other road users. These buses usually stop at the roadside to pick up and drop off passengers. If they want to get back into the main road, sometimes they will just cut in recklessly without giving any singnal. They did not care whether we are at the back or just beside them. They will just drive into the road and we are forced to swing to the right side to avoid getting hit. This happens everyday. Get use to it. Sometimes these errant bus driver will stop abruptly in the middle of the road just to drop off their passengers. Definitely will not make you very happy.

3. The limited parking space
Parking space is very limited in Tawau. To find a parking space is like winning a lottery. It seldom happen, but if it does happen, consider yourself lucky. If you have things to do in the busy area like Fajar, Sabindo and the area around Tanjung market and fish market, please be early. If not, you will find youself driving round and round for hours to find parking space to park your car. Everyone in Tawau is having the same problem. So if you have some business or things to do at these place, please come as early as 7am to get a parking spot. By 7.45am  all the parking places will be filled. But if you're the type who do not mind walking the distance, you can park your car near the Jabatan Kastam and also near the Alliance bank. There are plenty of parking spaces there even during the peak hours. But you will have to walk around quite far to other places to do your shopping or run an errand if you park your car there.

4. Double parking
This double parking problems arise from the issue of limited parking places. Due to the difficulty in finding parking space in Tawau, there are people who are selfish enough will revert to double parking. Examples of the most frequent occurrence of double parking in Tawau is around Fajar Maybank, CIMB, Milimewa and Pasar Tanjung. Double parking is indeed a nuisance to all other road users. As a result of this selfish action, massive jams and crowded conditions in the places like Fajar and Pasar Tanjung happened every day, and almost all the time except at night. What exactly happens when people double park? When a driver double park, what he/she actually did is park beside an already parked vehicle thus completely blocked the road ahead. Other car behind the double park vehicle will have to wait until the next line is clear for them to continue their journey. This is because the main routes were blocked by the double park vehicle, so they have to wait until there are no cars coming in the next lane so they can cut into the lane to proceed. This situation often occurs in places mentioned above. Avoid those areas to avoid stress when driving in Tawau.

So that's the 4 reasons that can upset you when driving in Tawau. At J3 Tawau Car Rental, we always advise our customer to extra caution when driving in Tawau. Always plan your trip in advance and avoid crowded places in Tawau during peak hours. If you plan your trip well, drive with care and avoid places that are always crowded, you will be very happy driving in Tawau ;)

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Monday, 25 January 2016

J3 Tawau Car Rental Overseas Customers 2.0

Besides local customers, J3 Tawau Car Rental also provides car rental services to customers from abroad. At first, we were a bit nervous about offering our service to foreigners. They have different believe, culture and attitude. So we are a bit nervous at first. We're just afraid they will have high expectations and high demands that we cannot fulfill. But thank God, since we do business with them, there is none of them that can be categorized as "fussy customer". Most of them are really nice people just like you and me.

Our first "Mat Saleh" customer is Mr. Luigi from Italy. The first time we send the car he booked to a hotel in Tawau we are nervous. After all, he is the first "orang putih" that rented a car from us. There are all kinds of things played in our mind at that time. What do we say to him, how do we explain things and a whole lot more. To make it more difficult, Mr. Luigi is not very fluent in English. When he speaks English, his Italian slang was too heavy and was too difficult for us to understand. We have to listen carefully and watch his body language to understand what he's trying to tell us.

To cut a long story short, we managed to deliver the car without any major problems. At that time he rented a Perodua Kancil with us. He wanted the cheapest car on our list, so we gave him the Kancil. During the four day rental period, there were no problems, no complaints from him. Everything was good. When he returned the car at the Tawau airport with a smile, we're super RELIEVED.

Ever since that day we have started to offer our car rental service widely to those who are outside Malaysia. We started a blog in English, we have a Facebook page in English and we've published English language videos on YouTube. So at that time, we were ready to accept bookings from abroad. That was a good decision on our part and were happy with it. Today J3 Tawau Car Rental provides car rental service for all the people from all over the world. Whether you are a Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Indian, Germans, Americans etc, we are here for you. So if you happen to be in Tawau anytime soon, call us ;)

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Monday, 18 January 2016

J3 Tawau Car Rental Overseas Customers

Tawau Car Rental at Yahoo Answers

J3 Tawau car rental was thrilled and happy to get so many overseas customers, and the numbers continue to go up everyday. We feel extremely happy and at the same time humbled by this experience. We never thought that we, a small car rental company could have a place for this type of customer. One factor that has helped to flesh out our "existence" on the overseas market is our blog and also our Facebook page that is written in English.

If our blog or Facebook page is written in the national language only, it may be difficult for us to create the "presence" of our car rental company to overseas customers. So the blog and Facebook page that were written in English are very, very helpful to us. If you are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore and can understand Malay, you may check out our Malay blog at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3.

Actually, we really enjoyed renting cars to customers from abroad. They are generous with compliments and kind words if they felt they have received good service from us. And they would not hesitate to recommend us to anyone. Examples can be seen in the image above (click on it to see more clearly). For local customers, there are many times we have been contacted by people who got our number from their friend who was a previous customer. We are very happy if there is a customer who is willing to recommend us to others. This makes us even more eager to give our best. We know people will always remember the experience that we give them. So we will always try to give our best.

For those who have never rented a car from us, we welcome you to try our car rental service. Our objective is simple, we want to help those who really need a budget car rental service in Tawau. It doesn't matter if you are local or from overseas, if you are looking for low cost car rental service, please contact us immediately at 014-9669-359 (call / SMS / whatsapp). We are happy to help you :)

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Rent A Perodua Kancil In Tawau

Tawau Car Rental Perodua Kancil

Are you interested to rent a Perodua Kancil in Tawau? Good news for you. At J3 Tawau Car Rental we have this car in our list, just for you. Earlier this year we have said that we will increase the number of our car rental units to cater the high demand that we experienced in 2014 and 1015. Perodua Kancil is one of the car models that we've added to that list. Although Perodua Kancil is a compact car, but it is spacious enough to carry 5 people on board (including driver). It is sturdy and low on fuel consumption. The rental rate is also affordable and reasonable. Here is the rental rate for our Perodua Kancil:

1-2 days: RM70 / day
3-6 days: RM60 / day
7 days plus: RM50 / day

Should you rent this  car for more than ten days, you will have one extra day free of charge. As always, if you want to rent this car, please contact us immediately at 014-9669-359 (call / sms / whatsapp) or click the red button on the top right of this blog site to make reservations online. Please book your car early to avoid disappointment.

If you need other cars besides Perodua Kancil, please click on the tab above and find the car that suits your need. Whatever car you choose to hire with us, we assure you of low rental rates. So go ahead and "explore" our blog site, find your car and make your bookings. For faster response, text us at 014-9669-359. We look forward to hear from you.

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Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Tawau Car Rental

Happy New Year 2016 to all J3 Tawau Car Rental customers. This is our first post in 2016 and also our 100th post since we went online with this blog. On this occasion we would like to say a big thank you to all who have rented a car with us in the year 2015. We are sorry for all the mistakes and inconvenience we may have caused you in 2015 and at the same time we are grateful for all the support given to us. Your support is an inspiration for us to make it better this year.

Based on the overwhelming response last year for our car rental service, this year we decided to increase the number of our rental car. During the last year we see a large number of customers that we had to turn away as a result of the lack of cars on our part. This year we decided to not allow such things to happen again. This year we've decided to add "popular" cars that were hot in demands from among our customers.

Looking back, in 2015 there were some improvements that we have made to make it easier for all of our customers to make reservations with us. Among them, we introduced a system of online booking and mobile booking service. With this service, customers only have to fill a simple online booking form to reserve a rental car from us. This year there will probably be another innovation which we will do. But everything is still in the planning stage and will be announced in stages.

To sum it all, 2015 was a great year for J3 Tawau Car Rental. However, we still need your full support this year to enable us to continue our efforts in providing the best car rental service in Tawau with the lowest rental rates. Last but not least, thank you for the support given in 2015 and may the force be with you ;)

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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas from J3 Tawau Car Rental

Merry Christmas from J3 Tawau Car Rental. As citizens of Malaysia who live in this wonderful country that has many races, religions and ethnicities; it is an honor for us to be able to celebrate a variety of festivals in our country, including Christmas.

Don't let our differences divide us, but let's make these differences be a hallmark that unites us all. All of us at J3 Tawau Car Rental are happy to wish Merry Christmas to all our friends throughout the country who celebrates Christmas Day. May the celebration of Christmas this year is celebrated with happiness and joy with your loved ones. If you need a to rent a car this Christmas, do give us a call at 014-966-359 (call / sms / whatsapp). Last but not least, have yourself a merry little Christmas ;)

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