Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas From Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday to our blog readers and customers who celebrates Christmas. May this festive seasons brings joy and happiness to you and your family. Enjoy your Christmas everyone, hohoho!!!......

Friday, 20 December 2013

Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 New Phone Number

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

Good day and greetings to all. It's been a while since we last updated this blog. But there's nothing to write about, until now. Yes people, now we have a very important announcement to make. Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 has a new phone number! And our new number is 014-9669-359. Please write that down okay.

The reason we're changing to a new number is to serve you better. We have been dealing with tons of phone calls, sms and whatsapp since our conception. Many people had contacted us to rent the lowest rental car in Tawau. Our old number happens to be a personal number and can't cater much to the calls/sms/whatsapp we received everyday. So we changed the number to a business number. If you need any information regarding the rental car, rental rate or anything, just call/sms/whatsapp us at our new number. We're looking forward to hear from you.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Let's go to Takada weekend market with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

Yes! Sunday have arrived at last. Let us take you to Takada weekend market shall we? It is a very unique, interesting and among the top place to visit here in Tawau. For your information, the market located at Takada is the most famous weekend market in Tawau, everybody seems to be here every sunday. No wonder it is crowded. If you get a chance to come to Tawau, don't forget to visit the market with us, Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. So what's so ineteresting about this place? Take a look of the photos that we had taken earlier to better understand why this place is the "it" place in Tawau.

Kereta Sewa Tawau car Rental

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

You see, there are all sorts of stuffs sold at the market. There are some weird and funny looking stuffs here, there's also unique and strange stuffs. Other than that, the market offers you lot's of delicious and yummilicious street food, fresh veggies at the lowest price (tomatoes at RM1.00 per kg? dirt cheap I say) and fresh seafood; big fish, shrimp, prawns, crabs etc. It is absolutely great to be here. But please make sure you come early in the morning. If possible before 8 am. That's because the parking space is very limited, Very very limited.

So if you come to Tawau, don't just plan to go to Pasar Tanjung and Pasar Gantung only. Those places are great, but Takada weekend market is way better. Trust me on this. By the way, the market operates only on sunday. Yes people, it is there only once in a week. So do not miss the opportunity to come to this place ya. And do not forget to contact us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 to rent the best car in Tawau to take you there later :)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

School Holiday With Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental
Call/sms/whatsapp 013-5528523 to book your car Now!

Yes, the long awaited school holidays have finally arrived. If you plan to vacay in Tawau, why not do it in style with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. It would be fun wouldn't it? There are many interesting places to visit in Tawau. If you walk or take a taxi or even a bus, you're going to be too tired to enjoy your holiday. So just contact us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 and let us be your loyal companion and your one and only car rental provider to take you around and shop in Tawau.

We have a large selection of vehicles to choose from. But most importantly, you must make early reservation. Please take note, during the school holidays our car is always fully booked. For example, today 19.11.2013, all our rental car is out.

So to avoid disappointment in the school holidays, please book you car early. We at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 will strive to provide the cheapest and the best rental car in Tawau this holiday season just for you. So don't forget to contact us early. all right, happy holidays to all and Welcome to Tawau :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 List of Best Eateries in Tawau

Where is the best place to eat in Tawau? There are many! In fact, there are too many choices. But to help you select the best among the best in Tawau, Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 will take this opportunity to introduce some of the best eateries in Tawau. Please check out our list.

Restoran Maskur
Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental
Get here fast with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 - 0135528523
What's good at Maskur Restaurant : Soup that is so good, so delicious and so yummy.
Our Recommendation : Sup Campur (meat, belly strips, veins, ox bones), Sup Urat, Nasi Lalap with Crunchy + Succulent Fried Chicken (must try!)
Price : Very - very cheap and worth every ringgit and cent
Location : Merotai ( Maskur I), near Giant Hypermarket ( Maskur II ), Taman Univilla ( Maskur III ), Balung ( Maskur IV )

Restoran Sri Titingan
Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental
Get here fast with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 - 0135528523

What's good at Sri Titingan : Extremely delicious & super fresh seafood
Our Recommendation : Sweet Sour Fish + Mango strips, fried shrimp, Crab Soup
Price : Lowest price in town for seafood
Location : Tawau Lama & Taman Univilla

Gerai Sayap Ayam Lelek
Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental
Get here fast with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 - 0135528523

What's good at Gerai Sayap Ayam Lelek : Succulent Grilled chicken wings
Our Recommendation : Grilled Chicken Wings, Grilled Chicken Gizzard etc + (sweet & spicy soy sauce, yummy)
Price : Very, very, very low.
Location : Near Servay & Parkwell Supermarket

Indo Taste Cafe
Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental
Get here fast with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 - 0135528523

What's good at Indo Taste Cafe : Delicious Indonesian Cuisine
Our Recommendation : Nasi Ayam Penyet, Ice Teler, Sanggar Cheese (Fried Banana + Cheese + Brown Sugar), Sang Men Watan Ho
Price : Not expensive. You can feast here without fear of being broke.
Location : Near Giant Hypermarket

Bibiq Corner
Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental
Get here fast with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 - 0135528523

What's good at Bibiq Corner : For those who want to try eating Payau (wild deer), this is the place
Our Recommendation : The uber famous Sup Payau ( Deer soup? )
Price : Very cheap & affordable
Location : Near Tawau Airport

Restoran Makanan Laut Kam Ling
Kereta Sewa Tawau car Rental
Get here fast with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 - 0135528523

What's good at Kam Ling : This seafood restaurant is # 1 in Tawau & Sabah! What more can we say.
Our Recommendation : Everything
Price : Quite pricey. But worth every ringgit and cent. You won't regret it.
Location : Taman Tikus, Tawau

Okay, so that's some of the best eateries in Tawau. We chose these places based on feedback from those who have rent a car with us. In addition, we also take into account the " Popularity " of these places according to the locals.

For those of you who will came to Tawau soon, don't forget to dine at these places. We guarantee you will be very much satisfied. We at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 will get you to these places with our best rental car, only in Tawau :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 Biggest Supporters

Kereta sewa tawau car rental

Who are the biggest Supporters of Kereta Sewa Tawau J3? We are glad to say that our biggest supporters are our very own customers who have always stood behind us. We are overwhelmed with the endless support given by YOU!

In Tawau there are several place that you can choose to get a rental car. But we are thankful that so many people are choosing us as the main place to rent a car in Tawau. We are grateful and thankful. Without your support there will be no us.

While there may be shortcoming here and there, but great comments and positive feedback that we receive from you all made ​​us so eager to give the best. For your info, Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 has added more cars to our fleet of rental car to meet the high demand from you.

So, please please please don't stop in giving us your support. Last but not least, if you need the cheapest car hire in Tawau, please don't hesitate to contact us at 013-5528523 ( call/sms/whatsApp ). We will not disappoint you :)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Another Clients Who Are Satisfied with Our Car Rental Services

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental
Our Happy Customer, Mr. Ah Chin & Mr. Ilangoven

Another clients who are satisfied with our car rental services here in Tawau. They are Mr. Ahchin and Mr. Ilangoven of AirAsia. They were renting a car from us for 2 weeks ( 21/09/2013 - 10/05/2013 ). On their own account, after looking and searching everywhere for an affordable rent cars, only Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 emerge as the only car rental provider in Tawau that offers the lowest rental rate for the car that they seek, which is a Perodua Kancil. They wanted to rent a Kancil as a mean of transportation during their special task at Tawau Airport.

Interestingly according to them, besides the lowest rent; one other important factor that make them choose us is because, only Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 said yes to their offer at making installment payment for the 2 weeks rental. Elsewhere they say, there is no such flexibility. We are honoured by what they said about us; and we at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 wants to thank them for choosing us as their car rental provider. They trust us to give them the best car for the lowest rent, and we deliver. We really hope that we can deal again with them in the near future .

Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 had always practicing flexibility in our services. When renting a car, we really expected that you guys will make full payment before we hand over the car keys. However, we also understand the financial condition of our clients, especially for those who rent a car for a long period of time. We can understand your situation and will not make it harder for you. Everything can be discussed to a win-win situation.

So if you need an understanding car rental provider, choose Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. There are already many who are satisfied with our services. Many had experience our flexibility. And they are never disappointed. If you need a rental car in Tawau, please do not hesitate to make us your choice. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Car Rental Rates For Proton Wira in Tawau is Only RM95/day!

Kereta sewa tawau car rental proton wira
To rent this car, just call/sms/whatsapp 013-5528523 now!

Yes, it's true , the rental rate for Proton Wira in Tawau is only RM95 per day. Too cheap right? and hard to believe. But .... , there's a catch. You can get it for RM95/day only when you hire the car from us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. You can't get this rate anywhere else in Tawau :)

That's the only condition. We wont ask you to rent it for more than 7 days just to get the RM95/day rent. Just one day will do. The best thing is, If you rent it more than a day, you can get a cheaper rate than RM95/day. Now, that's cool isn't it.

Even though our car rental rates is super-duper low, the condition of our car is nonetheless, immaculate. Or should I say, the car is in tip-top condition. Two of the most frequent asked questions by our clients are, " is the aircond ok? " or "this car has aircond or not?" These are their favorite questions. Although our car rental rates is all time low, but that does not mean we will give you low quality cars with no aircond. All of our cars has full blast aircond. Especially our Proton Wira, the aircond is just cool and refreshing :)

So if you are interested to rent a Proton Wira in Tawau, don't forget to call us at 013-5528523. We will give you the best Proton Wira ever. We will make sure you reap all the value you invested when you rent the car from us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 :)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

We Are Legit Car Rental Provider in Tawau

Kereta sewa tawau car rental
Call/sms/whatsapp 013-5528523

We have written about our company license in the earlier post. However, there are still many clients out there who are asking about our status. Is Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 is an underground rent car provider? or do we have a valid business license to run this business?

For your information, Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 is a company wholly owned by J 3 Trade Enterprise. J 3 Trade Enterprise is business entity that was given license to operate under "Perniagaan Kereta Sewa & Pengangkutan Awam" business in Tawau. Our license is issued by the local authority of Tawau, which is the Tawau Municipal Council. Hopefully, this explanation can answer all of the questions regarding our business license.

So, if you want to find a car hire in Tawau that won't make a hole in your pocket, just call us. We are legit car rental providers in Tawau that offers the lowest rental. On top of that, we are doing this business legally and had registered our business at Tawau district local authorities. Sometimes there are people who are too worried about our status. They just and can't believe that we could offer low car rental that is below the market price. They think there must be a catch or something. There is no catch. 

We can offer cheap car hire because we want to. That is our principle. We want to make everybody happy. We know that sometimes people rent cars out of necessities and desperation. Maybe their car was involved in an accident and they have to rent a car just to go to work. Sometimes they rent a car because there is an emergency. We understand all that. That is why we try to give out the lowest rental car so all of you out there can afford it. So if you need a car for rent in Tawau, just give us a call at 013-5528523. Kereta sewa Tawau J3 is here to serve you better :)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Our Wonderful Clients...

Kereta sewa tawau car rental
Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

It's been a very busy week for us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. Despite the hectic schedule, we manage to take few pictures with our wonderful clients. It's been a pleasure to feature their photos here. So here it is, the faces of our car renters. There are more photos in our memory card, but I guess we'll load them under a new tab on this blog later.

For us in Kereta Sewa Tawau J3, we are very grateful to our clients. Their endless support will help us to become the leading low cost car rental provider in Tawau in the future.

Low cost or cheap does not necessarily mean there is no "class ". On the other hand, expensive also not necessarily mean " high class ". As far as we know, we are at the same par with other car rental provider in Tawau in terms of car quality. Our rental cars are regularly maintained and serviced properly by top class mechanics and technician.

So if you need a good low cost car rental service, just call us. In Tawau, Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 is the only licensed car rental company that offers the lowest rental rates. If you don't believe us, ask uncle google :)

To all our regular clients, many thanks once again. Without you, we are nothing. To our new clients, don't worry, Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 will provide the best car rental service in Tawau just for you.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Is it Worth It To Rent Car From Us?

Kereta sewa tawau J3 low cost car rental in Tawau
Is it worth it to rent a car from us?

Many people come and go to Tawau. Some come for business dealings, some just come solely to eat seafood, yes seafood . Maybe those were the rich. I mean, seriously? From KL to Tawau just to eat seafood and off again to KL? But who can blame them, Tawau seafood is famous. Cheap and delicious. Whatever your reasons to come to Tawau, all of you are very much welcome . When you do come, you need transportation don't you? You can always choose between a taxi or a rent car. But which is more economical, a taxi or a rent car? The answer is very simple, rent car. Just an example for you, taxi fare from Tawau airport to town is a whooping RM45.00. That's only for one way. So you go figure ;)

To rent a car in Tawau, there's many choices for you actually. There are a few reliable licensed car rental company in Tawau. In addition to the licensed car rental company, there are also many individuals who rent cars part-time for side-income. So if you come to Tawau, do not worry about car for hire. There are many choices for you here. But what sets us apart from the others? The answer are our price & flexibility. This is not a cheap marketing ploy or cheesy sales strategy, we do provide the cheapest car hire in Tawau. Besides the low cost, we also have a flexible pricing system. The longer you rent a car with us, the lower the rental rate will be.

So is it worth it to rent a car with us in? The answer is YES. Not because we are bias or anything, but we are also not interested in denying something that is true. We are the one and only car rental company in Tawau that provide low cost car rental service for real. If you're interested in renting a car and at the same time want to save money, choose us. We promise you some BIG savings. For those of you who do not believe us, you can check for yourself the rate for rental car in Tawau and then make your own comparisons.

kereta sewa tawau j3 low cost car rental in tawau
YES! It's worth it :)

For those of you who have been renting a car with us, many thanks. Your support is appreciated. Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 will always give the best for you. Our sole mission is to provide low cost car rental service in Tawau just for you :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Need a Rent Car in Tawau? WhatsApp Us Now.

Need A Rent Car in Tawau? Whatsapp us at 013-5528523 Now.
Need a Rent Car in Tawau? Whatsapp 013-5528523 Now.

Dear readers, J3 Car Rental can now be contacted via WhatsApp. So, what is WhatsApp? For those of you who don't know, WhatsApp is a smartphone application that lets you send messages, files and photos for free to other WhatsApp users. Provided you have a smart phone with internet connection.

Given the fact that so many Malaysians now use WhatsApp to communicate, we at J3 Car Rental Tawau decided to jump into the band-wagon and use this nifty application as well. We hope it can help us to communicate better with our customers and prospective customers alike. Now you can WhatsApp with us, great isn't it?

So, if you need a reliable rental car in Tawau that won't cost you a bomb, just WhatsApp us at 013-5528523. For those who do not have WhatsApp, don't worry, we can still be contacted via sms or phone calls as usual. We at J3 Car Rental Tawau is ready to serve you better.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mohd Ridwan Bin Mohd Saleh, You're Blacklisted!

Mohd Ridwan Bin Mohd Saleh No KP 820317-12-5519

The above named Mohd Ridwan bin Mohd Saleh (IC No: 820317-12-5519) was one of our car renters at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. Unfortunately, he was being careless when driving the car that he rent, causing the car to be issued with a summon for his offense in speeding over the limit.

It is his responsibility to pay the RM150.00 summons that has been imposed by PDRM. This is because the summon was issued while the car was in his rental. When we received the summon (it was sent to us), we've tried to contact him by telephone. We also send dozens of sms to him, but no response from his side. We are really disappointed and mad at the same time. If he can't afford to pay the RM150.00 summon, maybe we can find a way together to deal with it. But he keep mum. 

On the basis of his offence; and dishonesty while dealing with it, we have decided to display his identity in this blog and also on our facebook page. Hopefully the other car rental operators in Tawau will take note. For us, the man called Mohd Ridwan Bin Mohd Saleh is a dishonest man and an irresponsible human being. He has been blacklisted by us and a police report had been made about this matter.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Who Should Pay The Summons (saman)???

Police Summons at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

Yeah, who should pay? Our answer is very simple and based on logic. The man/woman behind the wheel during the summon should pay. Period.

About three weeks ago, a man rent a car from us. During his rent period, he was caught speeding by the police. A notice (summon) was sent to us. We ask nicely for him to pay the summon. He didn't respond. He won't answer our calls and he didn't reply our sms. He didn't pay. In the end, we have to pay the summon ourselves. 

To all the readers out there, please drive carefully to avoid the summons. Please drive within the speed limit. It is for your own good. Summons doesn't come cheap. It will cost you around RM150-RM300. And if you are renting a car and caught breaking the traffic law during the rent period, you're responsible for the consequences.

For the man who refuse to pay the summons, yes we did pay for him. But, that doesn't mean he can have party now. We have lodge a police report on him and next week we will publish his IC and Driving License in our facebook.  That is the least we can do for irresponsible driver like him.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

We're Now On Twitter

Hello readers. It's been a very busy and buzzing weekdays for us here at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. Since the school holiday & Hari Raya celebration we have been working round the clock delivering cars here and there.  People are calling non-stop to book rental cars with us. It was just amazing. Thanks for all the support. You guys are the greatest. Thank you for choosing us and we hope we didn't disappoint.

In the midst of our crazy schedule we manage to setup a twitter account. Actually we're already on twitter about a month ago. But we're really into tweeting just about 2-3 weeks ago? haha... yeah... seriously at first we just don't get it. I mean twitter? How does it work? and why are we seeing weird symbols in tweets? It was like learning ABC all over again. But after spending few late night hours with uncle google, we manage to understand a bit about twitter, and how to tweets, lol ;)

We manage to gain a few friend a.k.a followers after a while. So now we would like to invite you to become our friend on twitter. what say you? You follow us, we follow you. How about that? Maybe we can exchange ideas, news and whatever on twitter. So what are you waiting for, just click @keretasewatawau now to join us on the wonderful world of twitter :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Best MPV

Hello again. Today we want to introduce you to this black beauty. Our own black beauty. As the title suggested, this is the best MPV. The best in Tawau. For those of you who don't know, this MPV is the one and only Toyota Unser 1.8. The best MPV in its line. 

MPV stands for Multi Purpose Vehicle. Usually, MPV is the one that has 7-8 seater type of car. Like this one. Today we want to promote this car to all of you out there. I bet many of you never had the chance to drive this car and feel its power and comfort. That is why we bring this car to you. We want you to have the chance to experience this car personally. This car is tough, yet comfortable. The interior is clean and luxurious. Check these out:

Nice isn't it? This is how our "black beauty" looks at the inside. The interior is smart and beautiful. Not to mention, it is also HUGE. It can accommodate  up to 8 people in one go. Space is also not a problem for this car. It can carry many people and tons of luggage. If you're traveling in group or if you're traveling with your family, this car is definitely for you. For more on this car you can watch this video.


So how much is the rate to rent this amazing car? I tell you what, we are going to give you the lowest rate for an MPV in Tawau for this car. Yes, the lowest car rent for an MPV in Tawau. Check out our rates:

1 day = RM200
3 days = RM190/day
7 days = RM180/day
1 month = RM3700

I know, you're probably smiling from ear to ear right now. The rate in unbelieavable and unbeatable. So if you're in Tawau, or planning to come to Tawau real soon and need a car to rent, call/sms us at 013-5528523 to book this car right now :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

It's Been Raining Cats and dogs Here in Tawau

Flood in Tawau

Good morning & good day to all Tawaurians. Today Tawau experience a very bad weather, it's been raining cats and dogs outside. Heavy rain from yesterday night have not shown signs of wanting to subside. Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 has been forced to postpone few car deliveries this morning due to the bad weather. A number of high populated areas in Tawau district has also been flooded. What a bad day it is. Sigh!

Saying so, we are quite thankful that none of our cars took a dive and went "under water", which is good. To tell you the truth, bad weather such as this to some extent affect our business. Some are positives, some negatives.

On the positive note, we got a few calls from around Tawau to rent a car, which is good. You see, it is extremely difficult to find a taxi to go shopping for Hari Raya in a weather like this. That's good for us isn't it. It means with heavy rains, comes hidden income for us as well, as the malay says, "hujan rahmat". So yeah, this is our "hujan rahmat" after all. The only downside is we were actually non-moving like the taxis in a heavy rain like this, and also the road was highly congested, we can hardly move. To all the callers who wanted to rent our cars today, please be patient. We will be at your doorstep with the car keys real soon. We just need to see the rain slows down a bit. 

We at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 will ensure we can provide the best even on rainy days. To the Tawau citizens especially those whose homes were flooded, hang on in there. Have faith, all of this will come to pass :)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Best Rental Car in Tawau

In today's post we would like to highlight our very own Proton Saga Megavalve. This car is the first Malaysian car (2nd batch). For those of you who might not know, this evergreen car is a classic. It is strong and sturdy and the engine is good. Just look at it, what a beauty :)

Kereta Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 had made a brave decision recently to put this car on our rent car list. We call it brave because of the perception of the people out there. Yes, many people out there are used to Myvi, Viva, Kancil, Saga BLM etc when it comes to renting a car. Poor old Proton Saga is just out of question. It is just the unthinkable. So to put a Proton Saga on the renting list is just seems mad. But we manage to pull through. We put in on our list.

So if you happen to be in Tawau soon, why not rent our Proton Saga? You might be surprise with the condition of this car. As of 31 July 2013, we have been renting out this car for almost 3 weeks. And the reception is unbelievable. Maybe because of the rent fee. You see, we only charge RM50/day for this car. If you are renting it more than 7 days, you can get it only for RM45/day. No where else in Tawau or Sabah you can get this super budget car. Just check out the condition of the car below.

Proton Saga Tawau car seat cover

The car is in a very good condition. It is clean, no bad smells whatsoever. The air-condition gives you the feeling that you're in the south pole. The radio transmission is clear. The bonnet is super large, even a baby elephant can fit in there nicely.  Last but not least, the engine is in tip-top condition. You can drive long distance safely. So what are you waiting for? This is the best car in Tawau. If you want to rent a good sedan car in Tawau, and you're on a tight budget, this car is the best choice for you. The best! 

Call or sms us now at 013-5528523 to book this car :)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Goodbye Maybank, Hello AmBank :)

J3 Tawau Car Rental is saying goodbye to Maybank

No, we're not hating Maybank. We still think Maybank is the best in terms of providing consumer banking services in Malaysia. Who can forget Maybank2u? It seems everybody uses Maybank2u more than any other online banking facilities in Malaysia.

And AmBank? I bet it's hard to find anyone who uses AmBank online service, let alone having an account at AmBank. It's not that AmBank is no good, it's just that they're not famous, that's all. Okay, so what's up with our blog title you might ask? Once again, we're not hating Maybank, But we decided not to choose Maybank this time around to open our company account.

We're leaving and we choose AmBank instead. To open a company account is not the same as opening a normal saving account. If you want to have your company name as the "account holder" then you must open a current account. Current Account will let you do this. Cool hah?

At Maybank it is quite difficult to open a current account. You see, you have to have an introducer. What is an introducer? In Maybank introducer is a company/person who had already open a current account at Maybank for at least 12 months. You just can't fill up forms and open your account. If no one introduce you at Maybank, just forget it and go home. 

At Ambank it's a breeze. They don't ask for introducer. You only need to bring your trading licence and copy of your identity card. And you only need to come up with RM500 to open the current account. It was so easy and hassle free. That's why we chose AmBank :)

So starting from next week, we will use our current account at AmBank for all our transactions. This include deposits of car booking fee at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. We will no longer receive deposit payment via our Maybank personal saving account. As of 1st August 2013, everyone who wants to book a car or rent a car with us have to deposit their payment to our AmBank account. Don't worry if you don't have AmBank account. The charges for interbanking transactions is only 10 cents.

So that's it, goodbye Maybank and hellooooooooooooooo AmBank :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kecewa Tahap Gaban

Disappointed for not being able to rent a car at Tawau

Kecewa tahap gaban .... that's the term that was expressed by a potential customer when he failed to rent a car from us recently. This situation is not only experienced by this customer, but also by other customers.

For your information, at the moment our rent cars cannot cope with the HIGH demand from all the customers.  Actually we're quite shock by the massive demand! We never thought in a million years that our rental car service will get such a good response from all of you out there. Trimas and thank you very much! However, as a result from this "out of this world response", we always lacking a car whenever there is a call for "I want a car right now"

We were disappointed like you too, especially if you're really desperate to rent a car at that time. We know how you feel. Therefore, to avoid frustration, we would like to advise you all to book early, at least 3-4 days earlier. This will not only help you get the car, but it can help us to deliver the best service to you.

To book a car, please sms / call 013-5528523. You can also email us for booking. Many thanks and cheeers :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

10 Ways to Avoid Car Theft

Car theft in Tawau

Here are 10 things you can do to help protect your vehicle from robbery:

Don’t leave your vehicle unlocked.
Never ever leave your vehicle engine running, especially while it is unattended or unlocked.

Do not put a replacement key near your vehicle.
Many persons hold a replacement key under the car, just in case they get locked out and to tell you the truth, robbers understand precisely where to check for an extra key. While getting locked out of your car is a agony, think about the potential hassle of your vehicle getting thieved.

Don't ever leave your car windows open.
Even throughout the afternoon when it is scorching hot, don’t leave your car windows open when you are not in the vehicle.

Park in well-lit, public localities.
Avoid parking your car in localities that are poorly lit or locations that are not directly seen by the public. This will not only hold you from safety when you exit the vehicle, it will furthermore help hold your car unprotected. Park your car in good place because thieves are inclined to bypass localities that are highly visible.

Establish an audible alert system and a visible anti-theft device.
Car thieves are inclined to steal vehicles with alerts or anti-theft devices because they draw massive  attention when they proceed off. These devices are well worth the investment.

Establish a vehicle immobilizer system.
robbers can bypass your ignition by “hotwiring” your vehicle. You can prevent this by utilizing a vehicle mobilizer system such as fuel cut-offs and intelligent/smart keys

Establish a GPS tracking system.
When your car is stolen, this tracking system will emit a signal to the policeman of your vehicle’s location. This may help the policeman recover your vehicle much quicker and may minimize the damage to your vehicle. This may be a good investment if you live in an locality with high auto theft rates.

Don’t leave precious personal item in your vehicle.
The best way to attract a robber is to leave your purse, ipad,  or another high-value piece in a highly visible place of your car eg, on the dashboard. If you must put something of worth in your car, hold it in the trunk or under the seats, where it is not evident to others.

Use logic and common sense.
If you are wary of the security of your car or see someone loitering around the parking allotment, it’s best to move on and park somewhere else. It’s better to take a couple of additional safety steps than to have your vehicle stolen because you ignored your gut feelings.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Just Want You To Know...

Deposits for car rent at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

To rent an automobile from Kereta Sewa Tawau J3, you're needed to supply us with few documents and deposits of RM50. The deposits will be returned after you handing back the automobile keys. Therefore,  no worry :)

These are the documents that you should bring in order to rent an automobile with Kereta Sewa Tawau J3.

1. a duplicate of your identity card (Mykad)
2. a duplicate of your driving license (expired driving license aren't accepted)

If you cannot furnish Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 with the  documents; we will not rent you the automobile. Therefore, please prepare all the documents before meeting us, many thanks :)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Budget Car Rental in Tawau

Trading Licence for Tawau Car Rental company

Hello there. Today is Sunday, the 14th of July 2013, and this is our first post in this blog. Our official blog, which is has been long established on the internet. But, since the content is in Malay, we decide to make another simpler one in English :)

Just a quick intro here. We are known as Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 and we provide the most affordable and kind-to-your-wallet car rental service in Tawau. Just think of us like Airasia, you know... everyone can fly thing... we are quite similar. We want to make sure that everyone can rent a car here in Tawau. We provide no-frills car. So if you're looking for Vellfire, BMW, Lamborghini, Alphard etc then this is not your place. 

Here we provide budget cars :)

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