Saturday, 30 August 2014

Let's Celebrate Independence Day With Tawau Car Rental

kereta sewa tawau car rental

This year let's celebrate independence day with Tawau Car Rental a.k.a Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. Soon we will be celebrating the 57th independence day for our country, Malaysia. At Tawau Car Rental we eagerly awaiting for this day to come. We can't wait to celebrate our 'Merdeka' day. This past few weeks, we have been reading and studying books and reading materials on the internet to understand the meaning of  'Merdeka'. Hundreds of years of colonialism, finally we had our independence in 1957. We greatly appreciate the peace, harmony and prosperity that we enjoy over the years. 

Together we can do what it takes to care for our beloved country. We need not emulate other countries that kept fighting, killing each other and hating each other. We in Malaysia are brothers, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity and rank. We are 1 Malaysia now and forever! 

During this 'Merdeka' month, our income and revenue had been greatly increased. We are really thankful for this. Without a peaceful country, it will be hard for us to make a living. So we are very appreciative of what we have now. For visitors who will come to Tawau during the independence day, we bid you welcome. We know many people are here to attend wedding ceremonies. Right? As always, if you need a rental car in Tawau, do not forget to call us at 014-9669-359. We are ready to serve you. Till then, have a wonderful Merdeka Day from all of us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. Merdeka! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!

Monday, 18 August 2014

7 Reasons Why Your Car Wont Start

Today, we at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 wants to share few informations with you. Have you ever face a problem when you want to start your car but it just dont want to start? As a result, you're late for work, late for school and late for that important meeting. It can be a super nightmare, especially if you are in the middle of no where and the car just wont start. So today, we list down 7 reasons why your car wont start. Read on.

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

1. Dead battery
This is the No. 1 cause of why a car can't start. No matter what you do, it just won't start. Only after using a jumper will it starts. That means Your car battery is dead. When a car battery is dead, it cannot be charging and supplying electrical power to the car to start the engine. If this happens, please change your battery quickly. 

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

2. Dirty and corroded battery cables and terminals
When you start your car engine, you only hear silence... no Cranking, not even a clicking sound. Ok, this is due to the battery connector cables and terminals that is corroded and dirty. All the rust and dirt will cause the power from the battery did not reach up to your car. to overcome problems, please clean your battery cables and terminals from all the dirt and corrosion. 

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

3. Spark plug is damaged
When you wanted to start the car, there is a long cranking sound. All the lights on the dashboard is on, but the engine is still dead. This means you have a damaged spark plug. When the sparks plug is damaged, the car cannot Ignite. Do not panic, ring your mechanic and ask them to change the spark plug a.s.a.p. For your info, a spark plug is also among the top reason why a car have pick-up problems especially when going uphill. No matter how hard you press the pedal, the car will still feels slow and heavy. This is the early signs of damage to your car's spark plug. 

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

4. Starter is damaged
A starter function is to physically turning a car's engine and forcing the pistons up and down. when a starter is damaged, it will fail to turn your car engine. This will stop the entire combustion process from starting. 

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

5. Fuel filter is clogged
When a fuel filter is clogged, fuel will not be able to get into the engine. When the fuel cannot get into the engine, the combustion process and pistons movement will not be generated. This is only a small problem, nevertheless the problem will still prevent your car from starting.  Please make sure your fuel filter is checked regularly to avoid this problem. 

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

6. Faulty fuel pump
This is more or less like the no.5 reason, the only thing is the repair cost is much greater. Fuel pump works to pump fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. When the fuel is in the engine, the spark plug can ignite the fuel to move the car. You see, only When combustion occurs then a car can move. If the fuel pump is faulty, fuel can not be pumped into the engine. If there is no fuel, your car wont start. 

Kereta Sewa Tawau Car Rental

7. Empty fuel tank
Believe it or not, many drivers are not alert with their fuel level. They drive their car happily then suddenly the car just stop. When they try to start the engine back, It wont start. Sometimes, at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 we do get a phone call from our customer saying that their rental car cannot start. When we went out and inspect the car, it turned out that there is no fuel in the fuel tank. How do you start a car with an empty tank? so please be alert with the fuel level and avoid driving your car on an almost empty tank.

So that's 7 of the reasons why your car wont start. If that happen, don't panic. Relax, take a deep breath and call a mechanic to check your car. And at the same time, don't forget to call us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 to rent a car okay. We provide the best budget car rental in Tawau, Sabah. So don't forget to call us at 014-9669-359. Have a nice day :)