Friday, 24 April 2015

No more more monthly car rental services

Kereta sewa Tawau Car Rental

For your information, starting from 24 April 2015 there will be no more monthly rental car services from Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. This decision was taken after considering the pros and cons of this service for us as a provider of the rental car service. For the record, there were so many people who rent car by monthly with us since the day we start the car rental business. Our intention is to help those who really need a car for a long time at a very low rate.

But sadly, many of these monthly renters have handled our car in a very bad manner. When returned, the car was in a terrible state. Scratches, bent rim's, broken bumper etc is among the conditions that we seen from these cars. The saddes part was, the renters didn't even care to pay the damages cost to us. Most of the time, the cost to fix the damage is in excess of the rental rates given. We are in a position where we can't break even. We keep losing money because of this. Our intention is to help these people who need car for a long term, but we are taken advantage of.

Thus, starting from today, we will not provide car rental services on a monthly basis again. If there are customers who want to rent for a long time, every week, the car must be sent to us for inspection and also rental rate will be calculated at the rate of more than seven days. Although the rate is calculated at the rate of 7 days onwards, do not worry, our rates remain the lowest in Tawau. We hope all of you can understand our situation. Car rental services on a daily basis is as usual. Therefore, if you are interested to rent a car on a daily basis with the cheapest rates around Tawau, contact us immediately at 014-9669-359. Thank you for your support.

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