Sunday, 15 September 2013

Is it Worth It To Rent Car From Us?

Kereta sewa tawau J3 low cost car rental in Tawau
Is it worth it to rent a car from us?

Many people come and go to Tawau. Some come for business dealings, some just come solely to eat seafood, yes seafood . Maybe those were the rich. I mean, seriously? From KL to Tawau just to eat seafood and off again to KL? But who can blame them, Tawau seafood is famous. Cheap and delicious. Whatever your reasons to come to Tawau, all of you are very much welcome . When you do come, you need transportation don't you? You can always choose between a taxi or a rent car. But which is more economical, a taxi or a rent car? The answer is very simple, rent car. Just an example for you, taxi fare from Tawau airport to town is a whooping RM45.00. That's only for one way. So you go figure ;)

To rent a car in Tawau, there's many choices for you actually. There are a few reliable licensed car rental company in Tawau. In addition to the licensed car rental company, there are also many individuals who rent cars part-time for side-income. So if you come to Tawau, do not worry about car for hire. There are many choices for you here. But what sets us apart from the others? The answer are our price & flexibility. This is not a cheap marketing ploy or cheesy sales strategy, we do provide the cheapest car hire in Tawau. Besides the low cost, we also have a flexible pricing system. The longer you rent a car with us, the lower the rental rate will be.

So is it worth it to rent a car with us in? The answer is YES. Not because we are bias or anything, but we are also not interested in denying something that is true. We are the one and only car rental company in Tawau that provide low cost car rental service for real. If you're interested in renting a car and at the same time want to save money, choose us. We promise you some BIG savings. For those of you who do not believe us, you can check for yourself the rate for rental car in Tawau and then make your own comparisons.

kereta sewa tawau j3 low cost car rental in tawau
YES! It's worth it :)

For those of you who have been renting a car with us, many thanks. Your support is appreciated. Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 will always give the best for you. Our sole mission is to provide low cost car rental service in Tawau just for you :)


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