Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mohd Ridwan Bin Mohd Saleh, You're Blacklisted!

Mohd Ridwan Bin Mohd Saleh No KP 820317-12-5519

The above named Mohd Ridwan bin Mohd Saleh (IC No: 820317-12-5519) was one of our car renters at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. Unfortunately, he was being careless when driving the car that he rent, causing the car to be issued with a summon for his offense in speeding over the limit.

It is his responsibility to pay the RM150.00 summons that has been imposed by PDRM. This is because the summon was issued while the car was in his rental. When we received the summon (it was sent to us), we've tried to contact him by telephone. We also send dozens of sms to him, but no response from his side. We are really disappointed and mad at the same time. If he can't afford to pay the RM150.00 summon, maybe we can find a way together to deal with it. But he keep mum. 

On the basis of his offence; and dishonesty while dealing with it, we have decided to display his identity in this blog and also on our facebook page. Hopefully the other car rental operators in Tawau will take note. For us, the man called Mohd Ridwan Bin Mohd Saleh is a dishonest man and an irresponsible human being. He has been blacklisted by us and a police report had been made about this matter.

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