Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Who Should Pay The Summons (saman)???

Police Summons at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

Yeah, who should pay? Our answer is very simple and based on logic. The man/woman behind the wheel during the summon should pay. Period.

About three weeks ago, a man rent a car from us. During his rent period, he was caught speeding by the police. A notice (summon) was sent to us. We ask nicely for him to pay the summon. He didn't respond. He won't answer our calls and he didn't reply our sms. He didn't pay. In the end, we have to pay the summon ourselves. 

To all the readers out there, please drive carefully to avoid the summons. Please drive within the speed limit. It is for your own good. Summons doesn't come cheap. It will cost you around RM150-RM300. And if you are renting a car and caught breaking the traffic law during the rent period, you're responsible for the consequences.

For the man who refuse to pay the summons, yes we did pay for him. But, that doesn't mean he can have party now. We have lodge a police report on him and next week we will publish his IC and Driving License in our facebook.  That is the least we can do for irresponsible driver like him.

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