Tuesday, 6 August 2013

It's Been Raining Cats and dogs Here in Tawau

Flood in Tawau

Good morning & good day to all Tawaurians. Today Tawau experience a very bad weather, it's been raining cats and dogs outside. Heavy rain from yesterday night have not shown signs of wanting to subside. Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 has been forced to postpone few car deliveries this morning due to the bad weather. A number of high populated areas in Tawau district has also been flooded. What a bad day it is. Sigh!

Saying so, we are quite thankful that none of our cars took a dive and went "under water", which is good. To tell you the truth, bad weather such as this to some extent affect our business. Some are positives, some negatives.

On the positive note, we got a few calls from around Tawau to rent a car, which is good. You see, it is extremely difficult to find a taxi to go shopping for Hari Raya in a weather like this. That's good for us isn't it. It means with heavy rains, comes hidden income for us as well, as the malay says, "hujan rahmat". So yeah, this is our "hujan rahmat" after all. The only downside is we were actually non-moving like the taxis in a heavy rain like this, and also the road was highly congested, we can hardly move. To all the callers who wanted to rent our cars today, please be patient. We will be at your doorstep with the car keys real soon. We just need to see the rain slows down a bit. 

We at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 will ensure we can provide the best even on rainy days. To the Tawau citizens especially those whose homes were flooded, hang on in there. Have faith, all of this will come to pass :)

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