Thursday, 5 September 2013

Need a Rent Car in Tawau? WhatsApp Us Now.

Need A Rent Car in Tawau? Whatsapp us at 013-5528523 Now.
Need a Rent Car in Tawau? Whatsapp 013-5528523 Now.

Dear readers, J3 Car Rental can now be contacted via WhatsApp. So, what is WhatsApp? For those of you who don't know, WhatsApp is a smartphone application that lets you send messages, files and photos for free to other WhatsApp users. Provided you have a smart phone with internet connection.

Given the fact that so many Malaysians now use WhatsApp to communicate, we at J3 Car Rental Tawau decided to jump into the band-wagon and use this nifty application as well. We hope it can help us to communicate better with our customers and prospective customers alike. Now you can WhatsApp with us, great isn't it?

So, if you need a reliable rental car in Tawau that won't cost you a bomb, just WhatsApp us at 013-5528523. For those who do not have WhatsApp, don't worry, we can still be contacted via sms or phone calls as usual. We at J3 Car Rental Tawau is ready to serve you better.


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