Tuesday, 1 October 2013

We Are Legit Car Rental Provider in Tawau

Kereta sewa tawau car rental
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We have written about our company license in the earlier post. However, there are still many clients out there who are asking about our status. Is Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 is an underground rent car provider? or do we have a valid business license to run this business?

For your information, Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 is a company wholly owned by J 3 Trade Enterprise. J 3 Trade Enterprise is business entity that was given license to operate under "Perniagaan Kereta Sewa & Pengangkutan Awam" business in Tawau. Our license is issued by the local authority of Tawau, which is the Tawau Municipal Council. Hopefully, this explanation can answer all of the questions regarding our business license.

So, if you want to find a car hire in Tawau that won't make a hole in your pocket, just call us. We are legit car rental providers in Tawau that offers the lowest rental. On top of that, we are doing this business legally and had registered our business at Tawau district local authorities. Sometimes there are people who are too worried about our status. They just and can't believe that we could offer low car rental that is below the market price. They think there must be a catch or something. There is no catch. 

We can offer cheap car hire because we want to. That is our principle. We want to make everybody happy. We know that sometimes people rent cars out of necessities and desperation. Maybe their car was involved in an accident and they have to rent a car just to go to work. Sometimes they rent a car because there is an emergency. We understand all that. That is why we try to give out the lowest rental car so all of you out there can afford it. So if you need a car for rent in Tawau, just give us a call at 013-5528523. Kereta sewa Tawau J3 is here to serve you better :)

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