Thursday, 18 July 2013

10 Ways to Avoid Car Theft

Car theft in Tawau

Here are 10 things you can do to help protect your vehicle from robbery:

Don’t leave your vehicle unlocked.
Never ever leave your vehicle engine running, especially while it is unattended or unlocked.

Do not put a replacement key near your vehicle.
Many persons hold a replacement key under the car, just in case they get locked out and to tell you the truth, robbers understand precisely where to check for an extra key. While getting locked out of your car is a agony, think about the potential hassle of your vehicle getting thieved.

Don't ever leave your car windows open.
Even throughout the afternoon when it is scorching hot, don’t leave your car windows open when you are not in the vehicle.

Park in well-lit, public localities.
Avoid parking your car in localities that are poorly lit or locations that are not directly seen by the public. This will not only hold you from safety when you exit the vehicle, it will furthermore help hold your car unprotected. Park your car in good place because thieves are inclined to bypass localities that are highly visible.

Establish an audible alert system and a visible anti-theft device.
Car thieves are inclined to steal vehicles with alerts or anti-theft devices because they draw massive  attention when they proceed off. These devices are well worth the investment.

Establish a vehicle immobilizer system.
robbers can bypass your ignition by “hotwiring” your vehicle. You can prevent this by utilizing a vehicle mobilizer system such as fuel cut-offs and intelligent/smart keys

Establish a GPS tracking system.
When your car is stolen, this tracking system will emit a signal to the policeman of your vehicle’s location. This may help the policeman recover your vehicle much quicker and may minimize the damage to your vehicle. This may be a good investment if you live in an locality with high auto theft rates.

Don’t leave precious personal item in your vehicle.
The best way to attract a robber is to leave your purse, ipad,  or another high-value piece in a highly visible place of your car eg, on the dashboard. If you must put something of worth in your car, hold it in the trunk or under the seats, where it is not evident to others.

Use logic and common sense.
If you are wary of the security of your car or see someone loitering around the parking allotment, it’s best to move on and park somewhere else. It’s better to take a couple of additional safety steps than to have your vehicle stolen because you ignored your gut feelings.

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