Monday, 29 July 2013

Goodbye Maybank, Hello AmBank :)

J3 Tawau Car Rental is saying goodbye to Maybank

No, we're not hating Maybank. We still think Maybank is the best in terms of providing consumer banking services in Malaysia. Who can forget Maybank2u? It seems everybody uses Maybank2u more than any other online banking facilities in Malaysia.

And AmBank? I bet it's hard to find anyone who uses AmBank online service, let alone having an account at AmBank. It's not that AmBank is no good, it's just that they're not famous, that's all. Okay, so what's up with our blog title you might ask? Once again, we're not hating Maybank, But we decided not to choose Maybank this time around to open our company account.

We're leaving and we choose AmBank instead. To open a company account is not the same as opening a normal saving account. If you want to have your company name as the "account holder" then you must open a current account. Current Account will let you do this. Cool hah?

At Maybank it is quite difficult to open a current account. You see, you have to have an introducer. What is an introducer? In Maybank introducer is a company/person who had already open a current account at Maybank for at least 12 months. You just can't fill up forms and open your account. If no one introduce you at Maybank, just forget it and go home. 

At Ambank it's a breeze. They don't ask for introducer. You only need to bring your trading licence and copy of your identity card. And you only need to come up with RM500 to open the current account. It was so easy and hassle free. That's why we chose AmBank :)

So starting from next week, we will use our current account at AmBank for all our transactions. This include deposits of car booking fee at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. We will no longer receive deposit payment via our Maybank personal saving account. As of 1st August 2013, everyone who wants to book a car or rent a car with us have to deposit their payment to our AmBank account. Don't worry if you don't have AmBank account. The charges for interbanking transactions is only 10 cents.

So that's it, goodbye Maybank and hellooooooooooooooo AmBank :)

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