Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kecewa Tahap Gaban

Disappointed for not being able to rent a car at Tawau

Kecewa tahap gaban .... that's the term that was expressed by a potential customer when he failed to rent a car from us recently. This situation is not only experienced by this customer, but also by other customers.

For your information, at the moment our rent cars cannot cope with the HIGH demand from all the customers.  Actually we're quite shock by the massive demand! We never thought in a million years that our rental car service will get such a good response from all of you out there. Trimas and thank you very much! However, as a result from this "out of this world response", we always lacking a car whenever there is a call for "I want a car right now"

We were disappointed like you too, especially if you're really desperate to rent a car at that time. We know how you feel. Therefore, to avoid frustration, we would like to advise you all to book early, at least 3-4 days earlier. This will not only help you get the car, but it can help us to deliver the best service to you.

To book a car, please sms / call 013-5528523. You can also email us j3trader@gmail.com for booking. Many thanks and cheeers :)


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