Saturday, 29 March 2014

Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 and Missed Calls

Tawau Car Rental Missed Calls

Today, all of us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 want to talk about missed call. By the way, we had no intention to promote the Nokia mobile phone above, that's just an example. For your info, the average number of phone calls we received here are more than 50 calls per day. The phone calls are mainly asking about cars avalability and for bookings. Sometimes we get 7-8 calls simultaneously.

Because there were so many calls that we receive everyday, it is not surprising that we else ends up with so many missed calls. For the record, we have installed an sms autoresponder system  on our mobile phone. Any customer who call us when we are engage in another conversation at the moment ( or was driving ) will be missed called and will automatically receive an sms saying that our line is busy, please leave a message through sms / WhatsApp etc.

Most of the time we will call the customers back, But if there is so many incoming calls, we will just send an sms. But there are also customers that do not like the sms right, they will call up dozens of times even after our sms utoresponder sent messages to them that says we are busy online. As a result, our missed call record will show dozens miss calls that went unanswered. It can be a bit of trauma to us seeing a BIG number of miss calls on the phone screen.

Our advice is this, if you can't contact us via phone call, you could also reach us via SMS and WhatsApp. We actually prefers SMS and WhatsApp because there will be written evidence in our mobile phones and your mobile phone about your bookings etc. Sometimes bookings that were made orally are often forgotten by the customers.

We really wish that we could answers all your calls. Seriously, Only the telco company will profit from all these missed calls. But we also hope that you, after making the 10th missed call, please use sms or whatsapp instead. After we have finished talking with the current caller, we will definitely call you back. Whatever it is, many thanks for calling us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. We are confident that you choose us because we are the best. Hopefully your support for our car rental services in Tawau will last until the end. Thank you and sorry for all the missed call that went unanswered ;)

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