Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Shocking! People Who Rent Car in Tawau Feels Cheated.

Cheaper Proton Waja Rate at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

Shocking News! Many people who rent car in Tawau feel great loss and cheated when they realize that they can actually get a much cheaper rental car at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3. This was acknowledged by many of our customers who come to know that we provide rental cars at lower prices; as well as a non-fixed rental rate system. The longer you rent a car with us, the lower the rent will be.

Actually, there are many private rental car owner out there that may offer car hire at much cheaper rate than the big companies. Customers must know how to find the best rental car company and avoid looking at only one place. Go and survey all the rental companies and compare prices. We at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 was fully aware that many of the people who rent car in Tawau does not want to rent an expensive car. The most important thing is, the car must be in a good condition and can meet their needs.

Therefore, to avoid losing money when renting a car in Tawau, do some survey and make comparison. The best place to look is at Now, look at the picture above, that's just an example between our Proton Waja and other company Proton Waja for rent elsewhere in Tawau. Can you see the difference? See the savings you can make when making a survey first before deciding to rent a car.

So if you come to Tawau and need a rent car, don't just look at one place. Look around, there are quite a few car rental company here in Tawau. Besides them, there are also a handful of private owners who rent out their cars at a very attractive rates. The most important thing is, find the car that suits your needs. If you are a lone traveller, go for a compact car or a sedan car, if you come in groups or with families, go for an MPV or Van. But be aware of the price difference. Sometimes, for the same type of car, two companies might have a different rates. So choose wisely. At Kereta Sewa Tawau J3, we provide cars that won't make a hole in your pocket. Have a look at our rental car rate and decide. If you find the car that you need, call/sms/whatsapp us at 014-9669-359. We look forward to hear from you.

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