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The Best Rental Van in Tawau (driving tips inside)

Have you ever driven a van before? Besides cars and MPV's, Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 also provides the best rental van at a very low rental rate here in Tawau.

Van for rent in Tawau

If you are coming to Tawau with a group of more than 8 people, you may consider a van as a cheaper option than renting two or three sedan cars. But some people might have cold feet just thinking of driving a van. So here we provide some tips on how to drive a van. Have fun reading :)

The first time driving a van for anyone may be a completely different experience and also can be a nightmare.  Vans do not handle like  SUV's or MPV's, or even a sedan car. Your van are longer, taller, and have completely different sightlines than the common vehicle. This doesn't mean that you simply ought to be terrified of driving a van, it simply suggests that you must understand a couple of things regarding a way to drive a van before you get behind the wheel.

Your Mirrors are Your ally
The bigger the van, the larger your blind spots are. To attenuate these danger zones around your vehicle, pay a couple of additional minutes adjusting your mirrors. Some vans don't have any center mirror. If this happen, you'll have to visualize your sideview mirrors and make sure they're adjusted properly. Remember, if you see most of your own vehicle in your sideview mirrors, they possibly aren't within the correct position. Mirrors are used for viewing the road, not your vehicle.

Things to think about On The Road
Once you are within the driver's seat and your van is loaded with merchandise or passengers, you must remember again, vans don't handle like smaller rental cars. Vans are typically heavier. Particularly once they are loaded with passengers and merchandise, which suggests they'll need more time to stop when you hit the brakes. So make sure you keep a safe driving distance from the vehicle in-front of your van. Do not even think of tailgating when you are driving a van. It is dangerous.

Parking Your Van
First and foremost, parking your van is very similar to parking your car. You do, however, ought to bear in mind of your surroundings, since your van is longer than the common vehicle you must be extra careful. If possible, ask help from the passenger in your van to assist you in parking your van. If you are going to park the van in a garage, make sure the height of the garage is greater than the height of the van. 

Keep Your Load Safely Secured
Cargo vans and huge vans are meant to move individuals and things. If you are carrying many things, it is vital to make sure your belongings are secured safely. Sliding, rolling, or tumbling of fragile items can be pricey and dangerous. Similarly, if your van is carrying a group of passengers like friends, family etc, make sure that everybody is fastening their seat-belts. Often, travellers in buses and huge passenger vans have a false sense of security because of the dimensions of the vehicle. It's still crucial to wear your seat-belt in a van.

Driving a rental van is straightforward and safe, as long as you're aware that a van has different options and handles compared to a common vehicle. If you are looking for an inexpensive and low budget van rental in Tawau do not hesitate to call us at 014-9669-359. We provide the best budget van in Tawau. Only at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 :)

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