Monday, 18 January 2016

J3 Tawau Car Rental Overseas Customers

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J3 Tawau car rental was thrilled and happy to get so many overseas customers, and the numbers continue to go up everyday. We feel extremely happy and at the same time humbled by this experience. We never thought that we, a small car rental company could have a place for this type of customer. One factor that has helped to flesh out our "existence" on the overseas market is our blog and also our Facebook page that is written in English.

If our blog or Facebook page is written in the national language only, it may be difficult for us to create the "presence" of our car rental company to overseas customers. So the blog and Facebook page that were written in English are very, very helpful to us. If you are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore and can understand Malay, you may check out our Malay blog at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3.

Actually, we really enjoyed renting cars to customers from abroad. They are generous with compliments and kind words if they felt they have received good service from us. And they would not hesitate to recommend us to anyone. Examples can be seen in the image above (click on it to see more clearly). For local customers, there are many times we have been contacted by people who got our number from their friend who was a previous customer. We are very happy if there is a customer who is willing to recommend us to others. This makes us even more eager to give our best. We know people will always remember the experience that we give them. So we will always try to give our best.

For those who have never rented a car from us, we welcome you to try our car rental service. Our objective is simple, we want to help those who really need a budget car rental service in Tawau. It doesn't matter if you are local or from overseas, if you are looking for low cost car rental service, please contact us immediately at 014-9669-359 (call / SMS / whatsapp). We are happy to help you :)

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