Thursday, 4 February 2016

4 reasons why driving in Tawau is no fun at all

Road in Sabah

Watch out! Here are 4 reasons why driving in Tawau is no fun at all. For the first timers in Tawau, read carefully. For those who have been to Tawau before, please read the info so that you will always remember and to residents of Tawau, please read so that we can do something to minimize these things from happening. So what are the 4 reasons that can cause you to be very upset when driving in Tawau?

1. Bad road condition (poor quality)
For the record, roads in Tawau is not "pretty" like roads in Peninsular Malaysia. Example can be seen in the picture above. It is quite bad and has low quality. The road in the above example can still be counted as quite ok actually. FYI, most of the roads in Tawau are in poor condition. Potholes here and there, uneven and dangerous to road users especially motorcyclists. If you are driving in Tawau, please be advised to drive slowly because your probability of hitting a hole in the middle of the road or on the sidewalk is very high. Your car will be damage, you will bent your rims and you will not be very happy after that.

2. The attitude of public bus drivers who do not follow the rules
Most people in Tawau rely on public transportation such as bus or mini bus to go to work or go to the town. But sadly, the bus drivers sometimes drive without the regard to other road users. These buses usually stop at the roadside to pick up and drop off passengers. If they want to get back into the main road, sometimes they will just cut in recklessly without giving any singnal. They did not care whether we are at the back or just beside them. They will just drive into the road and we are forced to swing to the right side to avoid getting hit. This happens everyday. Get use to it. Sometimes these errant bus driver will stop abruptly in the middle of the road just to drop off their passengers. Definitely will not make you very happy.

3. The limited parking space
Parking space is very limited in Tawau. To find a parking space is like winning a lottery. It seldom happen, but if it does happen, consider yourself lucky. If you have things to do in the busy area like Fajar, Sabindo and the area around Tanjung market and fish market, please be early. If not, you will find youself driving round and round for hours to find parking space to park your car. Everyone in Tawau is having the same problem. So if you have some business or things to do at these place, please come as early as 7am to get a parking spot. By 7.45am  all the parking places will be filled. But if you're the type who do not mind walking the distance, you can park your car near the Jabatan Kastam and also near the Alliance bank. There are plenty of parking spaces there even during the peak hours. But you will have to walk around quite far to other places to do your shopping or run an errand if you park your car there.

4. Double parking
This double parking problems arise from the issue of limited parking places. Due to the difficulty in finding parking space in Tawau, there are people who are selfish enough will revert to double parking. Examples of the most frequent occurrence of double parking in Tawau is around Fajar Maybank, CIMB, Milimewa and Pasar Tanjung. Double parking is indeed a nuisance to all other road users. As a result of this selfish action, massive jams and crowded conditions in the places like Fajar and Pasar Tanjung happened every day, and almost all the time except at night. What exactly happens when people double park? When a driver double park, what he/she actually did is park beside an already parked vehicle thus completely blocked the road ahead. Other car behind the double park vehicle will have to wait until the next line is clear for them to continue their journey. This is because the main routes were blocked by the double park vehicle, so they have to wait until there are no cars coming in the next lane so they can cut into the lane to proceed. This situation often occurs in places mentioned above. Avoid those areas to avoid stress when driving in Tawau.

So that's the 4 reasons that can upset you when driving in Tawau. At J3 Tawau Car Rental, we always advise our customer to extra caution when driving in Tawau. Always plan your trip in advance and avoid crowded places in Tawau during peak hours. If you plan your trip well, drive with care and avoid places that are always crowded, you will be very happy driving in Tawau ;)

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