Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tawau Low-Cost Rental Service

Tawau Car Rental 0149669359

First time coming to Tawau? Trying to find low-cost car rental service here? Contact us now. We provide the cheapest car rental service in Tawau. We don't want to burden you with high rental cost, that's our aim. Many have come to us saying they are relieved to find our website and Facebook page.They are relieved because finally they have found a car rental service provider in Tawau that offers best service at a low price.

Why did we rent out our cars at a low rental rate? Because we want to help you, especially those who really need a car. Not everyone can afford to pay more, right? Sometimes we have a customer car is just being posted to Tawau, waiting to start on their new job in Tawau. Certainly money is a big issue for them. So here we play a role to facilitate their drive to work at low cost.

We are grateful for this because our services have received encouraging response from all quarters. We began operations a few years ago in the rental car business. Starting from two cars only. Proton Wira and a Perodua Kancil. Today the number of our cars is increasing because of the high demand from customers who need a low-cost car rental service. Thank you.

Although our niche is in offering budget car rental service, there are also customers who contact us to rent an expensive luxury car. Not once or twice, but so many times we do get phone calls to rent Ninja King, BMW, Alphard and so on. We have taken all this into consideration and we are now about to expand from low to cost car rental service to luxury cars as well. We are in the process to implement this soon. So, wish us luck ya.

In the meantime, do not worry. Although we will rented out BMW one day, our status as the provider of the low-cost car rental service in Tawau will continue as usual. We will make sure that no one will be burdened paying for our car rental service. Therefore, if you need a budget car rental service in Tawau, contact us immediately at 014-9669-359 or 011-3966-3963. Thank you ;)

Book your rental car now:
H/P: 014-9669-359 / 011-3966-3963


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