Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai from Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

Gong Xi Fa Xai from Kereta Sewa Tawau J3

Soon we will be celebrating Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai from all of us at Kereta sewa Tawau J3. This year is the year of the goat. So what is interesting in the year of the goat? According to Chinese sources, the goat was said to like peace and harmony; but it does not like changes. Perhaps in this year of the goat we can get more security, plus peace and harmony compared to the previous years. During the last few years, whenever we turn on the TV and watch the news, there will be news of wars and crimes everywhere around the globe. The world it seems was falling apart. Hopefully, with the start of the new year we will have plenty of peace and harmony.

Actually all of us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 are pretty excited to usher in the chinese new year. As usual, whenener there is festive season, the rental car business will get the most benefit. This is because there were many people who would rent a car during the holiday seasons and festivals such as Chinese New Year. In addition, we are also pleased to be celebrating chinese new year this time around with our friends who celebrates Chinese New Year. That is our uniqueness in Malaysia, we celebrate all festivals together without prejudice, especially here in Tawau. Relationship between friends from different races and religions are strong. Hopefully it will stay that way forever.

For all our customers at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 and also to all our friends who celebrate Chinese New Year, we wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai. May the celebration of the Chinese New Year this time around will be filled with joy and happiness ;)

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