Monday, 9 March 2015

Rent a Car in Tawau This School Holiday

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Soon the school holiday will begin. Come to think of it, there are just another 4 days left to the school holiday. As usual, school holidays are among the most awaited holiday of the year. Why? This is because many people are getting married during the school holidays, right? This time around we want to invite you all to explore the fun with us at Kereta Sewa Tawau J3 during the school holidays.

Usually, when the school holiday starts we will run out of cars. Many people who had returned home during the holiday will rush to get a car for rent, this is because they want to move around easily. Among others, they will want to visit families and friends or to attend a wedding. Getting a taxi to visit all your 23 uncles and aunts is just crazy. That is why renting a car is a MUST! If you work in the Peninsula or Sarawak, it is also crazy if you want to bring you car back to Tawau during the holiday season. But do not worry, even if you can't bring your car back to Tawau, you still can visit all the aunties and uncles and all the BFF's by renting a car from us. Don't worry, we provide the lowest rental rate in Tawau.

But don't wait too long to book your car. People are scrambling to rent cars during the school holidays. So don't miss out. To make a reservation or to book a rental car with us is easy. Contact us directly at 014-9669-359. However, please bear in mind. If your call is not answered after you have called for more that 3 times, it simply mean we're on-the-road. So hope you all can leave a message via sms / whatsapp. We will reply your message as fast as we can. We promise. So what are you waiting??? If you want to rent a car during the holiday season or at any time, please contact us now. We're looking forward to hear from you ;)

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