Friday, 15 May 2015

Why J3 Tawau Car Rental have to charge RM 30 for airport

Tawau airport

Why J3 Tawau Car Rental have to charge RM 30 for airport pick-up/drop-off service? Before answering this question, please look at the printscreen above. If it's not clear, click on it for clearer view. It is clearly stated there that Tawau airport is located 31 kilometers from town. For the record, 31 Kilometers is not a short distance. To get there will take at least 30 minutes. That is the main factor why J3 Tawau Car Rental need to charge RM30 for the airport service. Here we also provide google maps which give details about the distance and time required to go to the airport from the Tawau town center. Click to enlarge the image.

Tawau car rental airport

Perhaps some will argue, why other car rental provider in Tawau don't charge for airport service. Okey, for quick info, the airport charge may already included in their total rent. Take Proton Saga BLM for example, in Car rental X, if you rent Saga BLM for 3 days, the amount of rent is RM150x3 = RM450. If you rent the car from us in J3 Tawau car Rental, Proton Saga BLM only cost RM90 per day (if you rent for 3 days and above). So if 3 days, the amount will be RM90x3 = RM270. Added the airport charge of RM30, the total amount is only RM300. Can you see that difference?

So we really hope that you will understand why we have to impose the airport charge. At least we were able to cover the petrol cost (to and fro) for sending the car to you to Tawau airport which is some 31 kilometers away. Our rental rate is already the cheapest in town, if we had to bear the cost for sending and driving the car back from airport, sooner or later we will be out of the business. But we know many of our customers were very understanding regarding this matter because they had already make a survey of car rental rate in Tawau before booking a car with us. Many thanks to them. Hopefully this brief explanation will help those who have not understood yet. The most important thing is, if you want to get the cheapest rental car in Tawau, do not forget to contact us at 014-9669-359. You will not be dissappointed :)

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