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Self-Drive Car Rental Service in Tawau

Self-drive car rental service in Tawau

It's been quite a while since we posted anything in this blog. Almost like a month. It was a really busy month for all us here, with school holidays and all. Yeah it has been very busy. But we can't let you wait too long for a post from us. Hate to keep you guys waiting. So now we're back again. And today we want to touch a subject on "self-drive car rental service in Tawau". There is a reason why we chose this title. Nothing to do with SEO or anything like that.  It's just something that we think you should know and think about.

You  all know that we provide car rental service in Tawau. The word "car rental service in Tawau" clearly stated that we provide these services in TAWAU and not in Kota Kinabalu or in Sandakan or in Keningau. Since we started our car rental service there were many people who had rented our cars  and drove it up to Keningau and the farthest to Kudat. Did we allow this?

You may notice, many car rental companies does not allow their customer to drive their rented cars outside the region. For example, a car rental company in Kota Kinabalu will definitely do not want their customers to rent their car and drive the car all the way to Tawau. And not only in Sabah you will see this. In Sarawak also the car rental company will not allow such thing. And we believe other car rental company nationwide will not allow their cars to be taken out of the area.

Initially when we just started the car rental business, we do not even care if our car is to be brought to any place and location anywhere Sabah, as long as you promise to take a good care of the car, we are okay with it. No problemo. But you know, as times pass us by, we suddenly realize through experience that our decision to let the renters drove the car hundreds of miles away from Tawau is not a wise decision. It was the worst decision and it back-fired.

Imagine this, once we got a call from Keningau asking us to send a replacement car. We rented a car to someone and according to him, when he reached Keningau, the car engine suddenly died and would not start. Imagine our feelings, Keningau is so far away, more than 500km from Tawau. But we try to find the nearest service station and call for help from a mechanic there to go and have a look at our car. Apparently the car won't start because it is over-heated. The poor car has been driven non-stop from Kalabakan-Semporna-Tawau-Lahad Datu-Sandakan-Ranau-Telupid-Kota Kinabalu-Keningau. And that car is not even a 4wd, it is just a Perodua kancil for God's sake. We thought, why in the world this person drove a kancil from Tawau to Keningau. The best part is, the renter had the nerve to yell and get angry at us. Honestly, we are the one who should be angry, don't you think?

Apart from that, there are also those who simply careless when driving, they will drive as fast as they could and even don't mind hitting a pot-holes here and there. To tell you the truth,  if you drive carelessly, hitting pot-holes because you don't care and on top of it, drive non-stop for hundreds of miles, even a Lamborghini will not withstand it. Learning from that experience, now we only provide a self-drive rental car for Tawau only. If you go to Semporna or Lahad Datu it is still acceptable, but on conditions. You are 100% responsible for the car. And if we find our car being driven exceeding the permitted zone (out of Lahad Datu), we will impose penalties on you, RM2 per kilometer of the exceeding kilometer.

So we hope you all understand why we do what we do. We learn a lot from experience. And the experience had taught us that it is not a good decision after all to allow the renters to drive our rental car long distance. We have learned and we do not encourage it. If the rent is only around Tawau, we are more that happy to accommodate you. After all, if there is something happening we are able to help you as soon as possible. Good for you, and good for us. So what are you waiting for? if you need to rent an affordable self-drive car in Tawau, do not forget to call us at 014-9669-359. Thank you ;)

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