Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Advice For Drivers: The Real Kamikaze In Tawau

Greetings from J3 Tawau Car Rental. We have advice for drivers who drives for the very first time in Tawau. So,who is the real kamikaze in Tawau? Kamikaze refers to the aerial attack units in Japanese army during the 2nd world war. It has something to do with their bravery and suicidal attack on enemy. In other word, they are fearless and suicidal, not afraid to die. So what's this got to do with the people of Tawau?

In Tawau we also have kamikaze, the one who is fearless and reckless. We are talking about the pedestrian in Tawau, the one that crosses the road. They are the kamikaze. If there is a law that can be use to fine people who cross the road slowly, almost all the people in Tawau will be fined. People in Tawau are really bold like the Japanese warrior when crossing the road. They are not afraid of the incoming vehicle, whether it is a car, a lorry or even Optimus Prime. They will cross the road as slow as a tortoise, and mind you,  while crossing the busy road they still have time to check their phones and reply messages.

But why are the people in Tawau like that? Once upon a time, only high school girls behave like that on the road. They will slowly cross the road, giggling with their friends and walk (not run) slowly because their million dollar look will vanish if they run across the road. So they walk slowly like Queen Elizabeth whenever possible, just to preserve their good looks. But now, not only girls are like that. Now even the boys, the men, the women, the marathon runner etc will cross the road slowly in Tawau. Everybody wants to "kontrol ayu" and "kontrol hensem" while crossing the road now.

So they are all the real kamikaze. They are not afraid of being hit by a Proton Waja or oil tanker. They are not afraid to die. Even if your car bumper is only inches to their knees, they don't care. They just walk as usual at the speed of a retired tortoise. Actually, many of our customers who rent car with us complaint about the slowliness of the good people in Tawau. Our advise to them is, be patient and don't even think of honking. Just chill and get use to it while you are in Tawau. After all, all of us here are like that ;)

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  2. Absolutely exceptional, brilliant stuff, I am much pleased while reading this.

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