Thursday, 10 March 2016

J3 Tawau Car Rental Booking System

J3 Tawau Car Rental Booking System

What is the car rental booking system that we use at J3 Tawau Car Rental? Many of our friends had been asking us how we manage our rental car reservations, what are the system that we use? How much do we pay for that system? It is a bit complicated to run a car rental business without a proper booking system. When we first start our car rental business, we only use manual system to store bookings. We wrote each bookings manually, one by one on the whiteboard. It is tedious and a complete mess. The worst part is, sometimes we overlooked customers bookings and forgot to write it down. 

Eventually we began to wonder what is the easiest way to do all this? There are many car rental booking system sold in the market, but they are expensive and we can't afford to pay the licensing fee which is in USD. To cut the long story short, we use what we have in hand. We use MS Excel. After all, MS Excel is free. First, we create a very simple table to key-in our bookings, We did only few rows and columns for the type of cars, the booking date and the rental rate. The downside of this, each time a customer calls, we have to open our laptop to check the schedule. We were unable to answer quickly enough to the customer's enquiries. We began to think, how can we put this "excel table" into our phone? You know, just like an app, so we can check on it real fast whenever we want to. 

Finally, after thorough search on google, we find the answer that we're looking for. The answer is to use VBA or Visual Basic Application in MS Excel. We modified our schedule by copying car rental apps in google play. Our favorite is Gimin. We copy more or less the same type of interface etc and finally we did manage to create our own car reservation system that is easy for us to use. Whenever a customer send in their bookings and personal details, we immediately copy it into our system. We also set up a reminder for each bookings so that we never overlooked or forget to deliver the car when the time come.

So to all customers who book their rental car with us, do not worry. We got your bookings covered ;)

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